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This page lists the release notes from every version of Averbis Patent Monitor

18 November 2020
We're pleased to present Patent Monitor 5.17

Updating existing Patent Monitor installations to this version requires additional manual migration steps. Please raise a support ticket to request Averbis migration assistance.

  • New document classification API. The API supports the entire workflow from creating and configuring classifiers, to training and automatic label presentation for new documents.
  • New document management API.
  • New options in the IfiClaims connector: Only show one patent per family and only show patents with English abstract / claims / description.
  • New fields imported from IfiClaims: Address of inventor and applicant, standardized name of assignee and subject area of patent.

14 July 2020
We're pleased to present Patent Monitor 5.16
  • Reduced disk space requirements for imported patent documents
  • Classification confidence is visible for each document
  • Notification in the search interface if documents are currently being processed
  • Automatic forwarding after login to the target page
Resolved Issues:
  • Classification user interface shows access denied error for non-admin users
  • Export of search results does not work if documents are sorted by classification confidence

30 March 2020
We're pleased to present Patent Monitor 5.15
  • API for integrated document search
  • Usability improvements for manual document labeling
Resolved Issues:
  • Patent Monitor cannot be deployed on latest Tomcat versions

26 November 2019
Patent Monitor 5.14 resolves the following issues:
  • Connectors with large number of documents cannot be deleted
  • Solr memory settings are not considered properly in docker deployments
  • Solr error maxWarmingSearchers=2 exceeded error is not handled properly

09 July 2019
Patent Monitor 5.13.x resolves the following issues:
  • Some Patbase XML patent documents cannot be imported
  • Some patent documents are not available in the search engine
  • Changes made to classification settings are not stored correctly

01 February 2019
Some improvements come with the new version Patent Monitor 5.12.0
  • Bugfix for issue when exporting entities from the search results page
  • Previously assigned labels are now deleted when importing new training data (in previous versions, these labels have been added)

11 December 2018
The new version Patent Monitor 5.11.0 supports the exchange of training data
  • Both import and export of training data for the machine learning based automatic classification can be done with a simple click
  • The presentation of cross validation results has been improved to support larger quantities of target categories

03 December 2018
Changes in Patent Monitor 5.10.0 are related to the export and text mining functionalities
  • More flexibility when exporting search results: choose the fields you want to export, including the classification results of different classification configuration sets. The selected fields remain preset for the next export.
  • Number of results in search page can be set to 5, 10, 20 and additionally to 50, 100 and 200
  • If you're using RUTA for a deeper analysis of patent documents - DECLARE statements are now supported in your scripts!
  • Highlighting of entities is now supported on the search page

30 November 2018
New improvements in Patent Monitor 5.9.0 available
  • Preconfigured autosuggest: When creating new projects, autosuggest for searching documents is already configured
  • Bugfixes: Minor formatting issues on detail page and resolved issue when exporting search results

26 October 2018
Performance enhancement with Patent Monitor 5.8.0
  • Number of concurrent threads increased for faster performance when classifying large amounts of patent documents
  • Improved handling of non-English patent information

18 October 2018
Patent Monitor 5.7.0 comes with several improvements, an additional annotator and bugfixes
  • Preconfigured classification configuration when creating new projects (manual creation no longer necessary in single label scenarios)
  • RutaEngine added to the list of available annotators: Apache UIMA Ruta is a rule-based script language designed to enable rapid development of text processing applications.
  • Much faster import of patents from the IFI database
  • Bugfixes: When restarting the server, the status of a current classification process is set correctly, problem with some newlines in the detail view fixed

21 September 2018We're pleased to present Patent Monitor 5.5.0 with several improvements
  • Automatic selection of the indexing pipeline (manual selection no longer necessary)
  • Simplified role assignment for the admin
  • Default field & facet configuration for the presentation of search results (no manual configuration necessary when creating new projects)
  • Bugfix: highlighting of entities and facets in search results

22 August 2018The new version Patent Monitor 5.4.0 comes with a minor improvement
  • Improved performance when creating or changing the classification configuration

08 August 2018We're pleased to present Patent Monitor 5.3.0 that now comes with a full integration of the IFI CLAIMS database
  • A direct connection to the IFI CLAIMS database has been added
  • Full access to > 100 million patent documents, including
  • Bibliographic data from DocDB, the EPO master documentation database covering data from over 90 countries
  • Legal status from Inpadoc, a database produced by the EPO and covering over 40 international patent authorities
  • Bibliographic and full text data from major national patent offices